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Visit YellowSpiders Pottery for an experience with Clay


 Create something for your home

Designed specifically for today’s busy corporate employee with hundreds of
connections online, we aim to provide a connection of a different kind - a
connection of their mind, body and soul to the earth!​

Our workshops are designed to lead your team through a fun, mindful and creative process, which will encourage them to use skills that are often latent in our day to day lives - especially at work. 


Working with clay has been scientifically proven to be a deeply meditative and therapeutic process. We hope to give the participants a good taste of this artistic therapy through our short and engaging workshops.

 Creating pieces together will also help promote team spirit and bonding between the participants.


Your New Masterpiece

You can work together with me to create your own unique collection of handmade pottery. You will be involved in every step of the artistic process.

I welcome commissions for a set of ten or more pieces using my chosen materials and palette below. (If you are looking for one or two bespoke pieces then I recommend that you pop into the Studio to see my display of one-off pieces)

Your Creative Commission will include:

  • Creative consultation meeting at my studio

  • Your own personalized crest made into a potter’s stamp which will feature on each piece alongside my own personal markers mark

  • A sample piece posted to you for approval before I start production

  • An artist’s book of the whole process, including, notes, weights, measurements and drawings

  • Step by Step pictures and videos of the process as it happens


Pray to the Kiln Gods

We offer rentals of the kilns for firing your pieces of pottery. Drop off your finished pottery during our open hours and we'll get it fired when it is completely dry and when enough pieces are available to fill the kiln.

Kiln firing is invoiced "By the Piece". The cost is determined by the longest measurement, dimension, or diameter of the piece.

**Damages to kiln and kiln shelves due to melting glaze or other materials incur more fees.**

All of the kiln loading and unloading is performed by the owner of the studio.


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